Month: April 2018


Oh ! the loud voices

I hate my parents when they give me advice,

Especially when they do it more                                     

Than thrice.


I get it , I get it

I get the point

Now I know more than                                           

My favorite food joint


The advice comes in like swords

Of fire.

Your conscience wishes to say                               

You aren’t  liar

I don’t want their voice

To go higher,

Silence right now

Is only the thing I  desire.


But they will never stop,

The day will never come,

A perfect human they want

You to become

Then you realize your

The advice is not to make

Eyes drool

No, not to make you look like

A fool .

Its because they have love

 For thee

Advice is needed to create

A perfect human they want you to be.


                                              Written by


                                              Class X  Deens Academy.


           Drawings by 

     Aditya Singh Rajput

    Class XI Deens Academy                               








The smile

There is a Smile,

Just a far a mile


I  want  to try ,

So that  I  can help

The people who cry


We please our Nation

That to make our nation

More clean and  more beautiful


Smile should  be

Anywhere and  everywhere


Do your  Best to get

A  best  smile in your

Lovely face.


                  Written by

                  Ritika Singh

                  Class V



How to utilize your summer vacation to maximum.


Summer vacation is around the corner for all school students from CBSE , ICSE and state board.  Generally if somebody doesn’t plan that itself is plan  which gets executed without you knowing it. So its better to know the plan before and execute it later than its instant execution without aware of planning . So here we list down some of the best plans students can decide to do this summer and after vacation they are looking forward for the next best future learning



  1. Make habit of getting up early in morning by 7 am or before. Utilize 1 hour time for your body exercise. It can be anything which person likes. May be playing their favorite games also.





2. Make sure you learn something new this summer apart from what you learnt in school. This can happen only when you know what you want to learn It can be something new. Like new programming language C++ or java . Python,    Or cooking / singing /drawing/ painting / drama / dancing / if you haven’t been public speaker practice extempore and do public speaking .

3. Play your outdoor games hard. Every day make sure you play your sports.

4. Learn 1 song every week. It doesn’t mean you need to do singing. If you like singing well its great. If not still remember it , it challenges your mind to know something new.


5. Talk to your parents for 30 mins every day.






6, Eat food prepared by mom every day at home. During these holidays no goals should be made for eating junk food.







7. Have fruits at night most of the time after dinner.







8. Play online game fortnite only for 1 hour. It might be difficult but yes its needs to be time bound else it will eat whole day.




9. Challenge yourself to read  15 min your favorite book every night.

10. Make sure you study for 1 hour your school text books and it must be productive. Its difficult but can be manageable once you put mind and soul in it.


Wish you wonderful summer holidays and Have fun 🙂


Java X ICSE Solutions

Q 1. Write a program to print following pattern using BLUE J IDE.


Ans :

Following program is tried and tested in Blue J 3.08 version.

class jaiii
public static void main(String args[])

int i,j,l;


for(int m=i;m<4;m++) //increment o *

for(int n=3;n>i;n–) //decrement of *
{ if(l==4)

Q 2.  WAP to print following pattern in java


Ans : Given program below is test on Blue J 3.08 version .


public class sid6


public static void main(String args[])


char ch;

for(int a=1;a<=5;a++)



for(int c=4;c>=a-1;c–)


System.out.print(” “);


for(int b=1;b<=a;b++)


System.out.print(ch+” “);











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