Class IX to XII. How to attempt in limited time?

Many time it happens for the students of grade IX to XII that they know the concepts and when they start writing the exam doubt becomes their strange friend and tend to do the mistakes which is less known to them.

And most of the time it arises that the same questions which they had done earlier, they end up without solving it and so much energy and time wasted.

Do they don’t know the method of how to write the exams , you bet ?. They know each and every thing in the theoretical ways and can guide new comer about how to write exams in most effective way.

what happened then?

Ritayan writing test in limited time

There is big difference in the mindset which they carry in one in which time is bounded in certain limits. And other when there is no time-bound.

Remember when any body does the practice match lets say football, cycling or swimming, they just enjoy and finish learning without even worrying of what happened. There is no pressure for finishing early, There is no pressure even they make mistakes in learning , there is no hurry to show to anyone your results of the match, All together no one is there to judge you about your attempts and how you played.

And suddenly the things changes when doctor asks the patient that you have only 1/2 year to survive you are allowed to live life to the fullest in limited time. What do you think patient gonna comprehend in his mind. The things which he has not thought till now , he starts thinking in that direction. Does he wants to do certain things which he had wished and procrastinated? Of-course YES. Does his new mind-set developed over the existing mindset?

Ans is Yes.

What happens to the students when they start the test or exam in the time limited way?

  1. They carry all together different mind-set.
  2. They start thinking about the topics which they are weak in and have not practiced thoroughly.
  3. They develop the pressure what if they not able to finish in time.
  4. What if they fail in the exam.
  5. What if they not perform well in the exam. How they will withstand their parents.
  6. Activity in the brain lets all the self-induced thoughts vibrate about their mean position.
  7. Immediately Brain starts to think about the formulas which they haven’t remembered.
  8. On the top of this when they see time during the test , their vibrations of thought Time period is reduced.

How we have been handling the above issues all the time? They have been doing consistent practice in the limited time bound approach every time when they finish one Chapter or Subjects anything. And measure all the time the progress with the previous time. Are you improving by measuring how were you yesterday to how are you today ?




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