Embracing Online Tuition

Bye Bye Old Habits

When was the last time you took a picture from your Digital Camera? When was the last time you waited for your turn to call from landline phone? When was the last time you bought smart phone from Shop? When was the last time you bought grocery from Kirana shop? When was the last time you bought movie tickets from counter? When was the last time you waited at Bus stop and waved for hiring Taxi ? We are currently living in the fast paced changing technology environment.

Now it makes people to think how to go back in just recent past to know what they were using so-called digital camera to take every snap for every occasion. Now those cameras are only used by professional photographers. Thanks to the smart phone now people don’t have to carry exclusive camera to take pics. Now hardly people make call from Landline , its decorative piece of souvenir now in home. Either you go to Mall or Mall comes to your home for grocery . You book tickets online and show bar code. You don’t wait for the going to near by stand for hiring taxi, you use App instead to book and taxi comes near you.

Did we embrace changes very fast ? yes we did .

Earlier we used to have so many Tuition at home. Now since in the fast changing world, everything needs to be instant. Lets look at the feasibility for the home Tuition in the city of Bangalore. Do people are worried about the traffic ? yes of-course . here we count the distance in terms of time. Suppose person has to go from silk board to Whitefield, it will take 3 hrs in busy traffic . and going back same . Its lil bit exaggerated but the point is you end up wasting time in totally unproductive work. Today many companies offer work from home options. Earlier comforts are today’s needs.

From home tuition to online home tuition the shift is in the mindset rather than keeping the old sentiments of having doubt clarification in person.

Today hundreds of tutorials exists in the online space. People have a problem of Abundance not the  Problem of Scarcity.

You want to learn about any topics just type in you tube and you are on it . The convenience is such that its been exploited so much. The shift has taken place.

Today we conduct online Tuition, what we have figured out is this.  In US, UK Australia and Singapore its common. In India we take time to embrace and hence we become top market in the world , Its simple

  1. Credibility is built through face to face meeting.
  2. Reference do work as trust can be established only when person you know in person recommends other.
  3. Time Respect is indeed mandatory.
  4. Agenda needs to be very clear for online Tuition, what subject to be taught and when the doubts needs to be clarified.
  5. Everybody is having WiFi at home.
  6. Quality for this Teaching will be higher , as this involves available resources.
  7. Evaluation can be done offline when person sends the screen shot of his Answer sheets using smart phone.



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