Goal Driven Tuition

Hello All,

Have you ever seen when kids play their favorite games they set their own goals believing that they can achieve it and play hard to surpass it. Whether it is Basketball , Cricket , Volleyball, Skating, Cycling, Badminton etc. Kids at the young age have full of excitement , energy and zeal to achieve the target set by themselves.

Goal Driven Sports

The whole process of believing it with heart and setting their own goals and enjoying the game which they like to play is called Goal driven Games. Have not seen any kid  ( esp age group 10-17) when playing in group or playing

by themselves without competing with each other and don’t want to improve the game for their advantage.

The guy who is good in Bowling in Cricket , he wants to take more wicket than the previous time another guy who is playing Basketball wants to put 1 extra basket every other time , Guy playing Skating wants to put his heart to do nice moves and tricks every other time , Guy who is cycling wants to finish the cycling in lesser time compared to last time and the guy who loves badminton wants to win the match every time with his opponents.

What I am trying to prove is natural way Young minds understand the process of goal setting and working towards it innocently. That’s the nature’s law of growth in any phase of life. Happiness is the progressive realization of worthwhile goals.

Coming to the Tuition, When we set the goals for the them in Studies which becomes their primary activities in the life and they believe it with their heart and work in the same zeal you don’t need to micromanage them. They will show the results in appropriate time. They just need only guidance and friend who is by side with them. We have similar examples coming all the time. Every Student has set his own goals and working towards achieving it. And he/she has a lot of fun in the journey.


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