Going eXtra Mile

Some body’s goal is to get cent percent marks in board exam. One wants to be best player in badminton. One wants to be best in athletics. One wants to be best in swimming. One wants to be best employee. One wants to be best sculpturist. So there are enough example where we see one wants to do the best in the designated field or goal which they have set.
So why some body doesn’t get what
they want to be even after putting the effort.

Here I am not talking about going from good to better. That’s easy and 99% of people achieve it when they have will do to what is required. What’s more important is going from better to best, good to great , better to excellence, silence to tranquility. How come very few or 1% only can achieve it. What’s missing point?.

Going eXtra mile is all about you do things one more time when you are tired. When you feel like not doing something but still do bcoz that’s right for you. When somebody wants to do body building he does one more set of push-ups even when he got tired.
When some body wants to do one more round of running race even his time is over.
When some body wants to be best employee he takes up one more extra assignment when his targets are over.

There is great set of differences present when one wants to achieve 100% marks in any subject and one one who wants to go beyond 100%.
How a person who already scores range of 95-96 marks all the time to make them reach beyond 100%.

That’s where excellence comes in picture. One sculpture made two statues exactly similar. One customer comes and ask for one to buy. But Sculpture says Sir this one is sold out but other one I can’t give as it has minor defects in its nose and ear. Customer hardly notices those minor defects. For him both looked exactly similar. It’s act of excellence which sculpture shows that even there is similarities in some body’s else eyes but not in the eyes of professionals.

So in order to achieve 100% in any of your Goals you just need to think beyond 100%.
One of our students who scored more than 100% in her thinking by going beyond 100% and achieve the target which she had set for herself with great sense of achievement and satisfaction.


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