How to know your child needs Tuition

This becomes general question in the mind of parents which exists as the hidden agenda. when not given the priority it just fades away else they discuss with friends and relatives which is the best place for sending students for extra studies.

Report Card

As a parent when they realize that their child requires extra education apart from the regular School education?

Thanks to our education system in India which tells us where our child stands in the grading system or marks system what ever be the case and notified in the PTM(Parents Teachers Meeting/Communication).

Now it triggers in Parents to search for the particular Tuition place or home Tuition to get their child maximum score in the subjects chosen.

Do the Assessment from School is only factor to know that your child needs extra Tuition ?

And your Child wants to score 100% in all the subjects defined by Parents as in the Class every body has to be on the top.

Answer to the above question is NO….

If you can answer the below questions true to your knowledge , then it may sound your ward needs attention.

  1. Do you spend quality time with your kid? Discussing the issues faced by them in the subjects mentioned.
  2. Do you know that he/she wants to do better in certain sports?
  3. Do you know if they really know which subjects they are good in and which they are weak in ? not based on the academic results.
  4. Do you know how much time child devotes in the today’s gadgets like mobile / ipad etc?
  5. Have you ever sat any time to praise what they are good in and encourage mostly in their Strength area ?
  6. Did you ever sit with your child as friend and do his homework together? 
  7. Is there an openness environment created in the home which can tell child freely about his interest areas ?
  8. If Both parents are working do the child gets most attention by Maids or care takers at home? 
  9. Does your child tells what interesting things he/she learnt at School every day  ? 
  10. Today 1 out of 3 child is pursuing more than 3 extra curricular activities along with their studies , it can be Art, Western Dance , Classical Dance , Football, Basketball , Guitar , Swimming, Cricket , Karate  etc. Is he/She is clear what they want to do ? 

Children are busier than parents. So it is reverse attention. Children give time to parents rather than Parents giving time to Children.

So please pay attention at the beginning  Gone are the days when the very first criteria was assessment from school to go for tuition. Today Tuition is viewed as mentor ship program to enhance kids strength area , look forward with better visibility and to be happy in his life.

Mentor-ship matters

Children are there at home for just 10 years. After that they fly away and live their own life. In the blink of eye 10 years will pass. As a Parents Least you can provide is the right education with great Mentor ship Program.



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