Reading Habit

Who has to develop reading habit ?
Why some body has to read books ?
Am done with reading all kinds of books why I should read books?
When we are in the childhood days we learn everyday new things by going to school, learning something new each day and discussing with parents and this is driven by automatic process.
Our mind enables us to learn new words , new ideas , new topics and new ways to work.
As when education gets completed, do people have the habit of reading , I suppose no
unless some body is in the professional field where you need to learn new programming language new project etc.
the problem with the grown ups is that they don’t read at all. They are in the complacent zone.
They have studied every thing they don’t need to know any further.

It seems like soil saying I don’t need to be fertile any more I have already grown paddy and wheat in my field.
When nothing is grown on the land , what automatically grows it just weeds. Natures law of proving every time. When soil is not utilized continuously for crop rotation and left barren for long time, it attracts
growth of weeds automatically.

We are all humans. Many times we have come across very creative ideas when we are shifted to all together different thing after being busy in same routine work. New idea emerges when we read books. How to develop habit of reading books right from childhood. Today in the current scenario there is no limit to how much you can see youtube , online movies, all www. so on.. Even 24hrs is too less to browse through the information which is available online and watching TV. How to induce habit of reading books ?There is no hard work in doing this, lets start with 15 mins of reading daily. which book to pick up ? let parents decide for the children. It can be story book, animation, fiction , non fiction, mythology etc.. Once habit of reading is cultivated in the children at the formative stage. It brings out lot of creative skills to them. They communicate new ideas. show respect, mingle well and do good in studies sports extra curricular activities. They start thinking in terms of doing something which they like to do and how they can excel and bring about wonderful change in the them, and hence happy home to wonderful society to awesome state to great country.


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