How does tuition work?

Tuition works when teacher attends to the students.
Students clarify their doubts from tutors and they are assigned few tasks to be completed. Its goal driven tuition. Students set their own goals under guidance of tutor and try to achieve it.

How often my child has to attend tuition classes?

You can send regular 3 days in week for tuition class. We can decide based on mutual interest which days he/she can come. Each student comes for 3 days in week and are allotted proper batch timings which they follow. Incase if they misses out the class we can adjust in the coming days. First week of every month is for rescheduling the classes which got missed last month.

What results can I expect?

Every students goal is different so if they are able to progressively achieve their goals then its 100% success rate. We have seen commitment , willingness and zeal to finish their task in limited time among every one. They are in best hands and you can expect to achieve goals in stipulated time.

How can parent looking for a home tutor for his child can contact you?

We have listed modes of contact via watsapp, email and call. Pl visit contacts page
for more detail.

What is required for online tuition?

For online tuition we require Skype App or google duo and watsapp application either on mobile phone or Laptop. For communication we may use video call or audio call. You can write using notebook and send the pic of workings via watsapp. You don’t need white board marker to teach or write.
It’s the basic pen and paper and we are connected face to face using technology.

Are online classes effective?

Out of every 10 students who misses their classes of regular batch we adjust the online class with them. Yes they are most effective way of conducting classes. It gets students one and one attention and its effective and productive.
If student gets their doubts cleared and are able to move to next level easily without deviation then its effective. We are harnessing the power of internet for effective teaching throughout the world. Online classes is boon for students and teachers in this generation when so much unproductive time goes waste in travelling from one point to another in major cities.

Do you take classes in batches or one and one ?

We prefer to take in batch of 4 students but in case if it doesn’t happens then it can be between minimum 1 and maximum 4 students in one batch.

What are the timings for the batches?

Classes gets started early morning 5 am onward. Timings are
Morning Time :
5 am -6 am
6 am-7 am
9 am -10 am
10 am -11 am

Afternoon Time:
4 pm – 5 pm
6 pm – 7 pm
7 pm – 8 pm
9 pm – 10 pm

How do you teach students from different grades in one class?

It all comes with experience. Since its goal driven tuition every one is assigned the task which has to be finished in 1 hour. New concepts are taught to one student at a time. Once they understand they are given tasks to apply those concepts in the exercise problem. Few would be writing surprise tests in the class. All the results and feedback’s are shared with their parents. They are asked to explain the problem statements than giving solutions. We understand there can be n number of solutions exists for a problem. We want students to get their own solutions so that
it retains with them longer.

Do you take care of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State and IB also ? Will my child get homework?

Yes we do take care of all boards. We believe practice makes the person perfect. After every class homework is given in sufficient quantity so that it doesn’t burden them with their school homework also. They can effectively do at home by their own without being monitored.

Which subjects you teach ?

We teach Mathematics, Science , Computer Application. From class VI onward to class XII. We have other tutors who teach English, Hindi and Kannada in different locations.

If I have specific needs like only for IMO or NSO do you take care of this ?

We have specific task oriented training for students opting for IMO and NSO preparation. Its value driven approach which can be decided based on mutual discussion. We have students opting for above do come in morning classes.

How will the tutor know what my child needs help with?.

Whenever any student joins he/she needs to write test in the topics which they are comfortable with.
Our assessments based on their answers can tell their strength and weakness area. This will be useful for planning his/her personalized goal settings.

How many students comes in one batch?

There is minimum of 1 student and maximum of 4 students in 1 batch.

If my child misses some classes how you take care of it ?

Prior planning helps in effective consolidation of classes. If they miss out the class we can help them accommodate in coming days. We have allocated first week of every month to do this activity. Beyond that its not possible.

What are the charges for home tuition?

We take nominal charges. Pl reach us watsapp /call / email to discuss the charges.

Do you take one and one classes also ? if yes what will be the charges ?

If its one and one then charges will be 2000 extra for one and one in students home.

How many days in week my child has to attend the classes?

3 days in week for day scholar and for home tuition its 2 days in week.

Do you train them for board examination or you take care of concept building. How do you train them for board examination?

Yes we train them for board examination by helping them improve their concepts. Once the syllabus is completed they will be attending many mock exams before attending the actual board exams. We will be providing the mock papers via online link. They can download the papers and set stipulated time to finish the paper. We will be following up with each student separately to do the analysis of correct and incorrect ones. It will be revision on the way for their examination. Incorrect ones they will be redoing it and ensure they understand clearly. All the results will be shared periodically with parents.

What is the procedure for getting admitted to your tuition classes?

You need to pay the advance amount for one month before admitting to the class. Start Date will be registered in our database and it will be valid for next month same date. Billing cycle will be based on registered date for each month.

Who are the some of your current students from which schools?

Currently students are from DPS, Deens , VIBGYOR, Ryan, NPS, Whitefield Global, Gopal National, GWH, Inventure, Ekya, StoneHills, New Horizons, Indus , Narayana and Chaitanya Etc.

Do you teach students from different countries?

Yes we have students from Canada, Australia, Singapore and USA.

Do I need to signup for whole year of tuition?

It depends on you. As per your convenience both options are available monthly as well as yearly.

What are the qualifications and experience level of tutors? Where I can check tutors background and profile details?

BTech. Mphil. We will be sharing you links of their LinkedIn profiles, social network profiles and rating via
known online portals.

Do you provide trial classes so that we can access if we want to join or not ?

Yes you can avail trial class as per your convenience. Do inform us your request prior for attending trial class.

What will be the duration of classes conducted by you?

All classes lasts for 1 hour. Some times it can extend to 20 mins extra if more doubts pops up in the class.

How many tutors you have who can take care of your subjects?

We have tutors based in different geographical locations. In case you are looking for tutors nearby your area you can reach to us.


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