ICSE sample papers for class 10 computer application ( free download )

ICSE sample papers for Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry and Computer Applications

Most important you can download for free and practice before writing the board exams.

  1. Ryan-Preboard-Maths-1.pdf
  2. Maths2.pdf
  3. ICSE_maths_2018.pdf
  4. Computer_ApplicationsMockexam.pdf
  5. Maths4_icse.pdf
  6. Computer_ApplicationsMockexam2.pdf
  7. mathsicseclassXsamplepaper.pdf
  8. mathsicseclassXsamplepaper6.pdf
  9. computerApplicationpaper4.pdf
  10. computerApplication5-2.pdf
  11. computerApplication6.pdf
  12. computerApplication7-1.pdf
  13. comp12.pdf
  14. comp13.pdf
  15. maths8.pdf
  16. maths9.pdf
  17. Maths10.pdf
  18. maths11.pdf
  19. maths12.pdf
  20. maths210.pdf
  21. maths211.pdf
  22. maths212.pdf
  23. physics3.pdf
  24. physics4.pdf
  25. physics5.pdf
  26. physics6.pdf
  27. physics7.pdf
  28. physics8.pdf
  29. physics9.pdf
  30. physics10.pdf
  31. physics13.pdf
  32. physics11.pdf
  33. physics12.pdf
  34. maths213.pdf
  35. maths214.pdf
  36. Physics15.pdf
  37. physics16.pdf
  38. physics17.pdf
  39. physics18.pdf
  40. Physics_19.pdf
  41. Physics_20.pdf
  42. Physics21.pdf
  43. physics14.pdf
  44. chem2.pdf
  45. Chem3.pdf
  46. chem4_.pdf
  47. Chem5.pdf
  48. chem6.pdf
  49. chem7.pdf
  50. chem8.pdf
  51. Chem9.pdf


CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 10 (free download)

  1. Maths.pdf
  2. CBSE_maths_2018.rar
  3. maths2.pdf
  4. maths3.pdf

IGCSE Sample Question Papers for Class 10 (free download)

  1. comp_mock_paper1.pdf
  2. comp_mock_paper2.pdf
  3. Physics1.pdf
  4. Physics_exteded_2.pdf

Practice time bound sample paper Chapter wise :



CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 12 (free download)

  1. maths_paper.pdf
  2. Maths_2.pdf



CBSE Class 8th Maths Linear equations

All the students who have finished the chapter of linear equations are required to take this test and submit the workings. Your marks will be displayed after finishing the test. 

Revision Test for CBSE Class 8th Maths chapter Linear Equations.


ICSE Class 7th Maths Decimal test

Revision Exercise for ICSE Class 7th Maths chapter Decimal.

Duration of this test is 30 mins.

Your score will be visible at the end of test.

All your workings are needed to be evaluated in the next class.

All the best



Revision Test for the Algebraic expression and Linear equation in one variable. You can download the question paper and start attempting each question. Duration of Test is 30 minutes. All questions are compulsory.

Download  Link—–>>>>> algebraic_expression.doc

CBSE Class 10th revision test

Revision test for class 10th CBSE

Chapters: Triangles, Trigonometry and Height and Distance.

Duration : 40 minutes


ICSE class 9th revision test

Chapters: Rational and Irrational number , Compound interest, Expansion ,  Factorisation , Simultaneous linear equations , Indices , Logarithms

Time : 1 hour

ICSE class 6th physics revision test

Chapter : Measurement

Marks : 20 marks

Time : 40 mins

ICSE class 10th JAVA questions

Duration : 20 min

Marks : 20


java test

JAVA Revision Test.
45 mins
30 question

IGCSE Class 7th Maths

IGCSE  Class 7 Maths Revision Test

Test includes chapters Fractions, decimals and percentages
Sequences functions and graphs and Angle properties.
Duration : 45 mins

Revision Test for the Class 8th CBSE Maths. You can download the question paper and start attempting each question. Duration of Test is 60 minutes. All questions are compulsory.

Download  Link—–>>>>> class8th_samplequestions.doc   class8th_maths.doc  Maths_Class_8_SA_Test.pdf



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