Ashwin Venkat

“Ranjit sir has been my teacher since grade 9 . Through his help I’ve been able to write my exams confidently and learn from my mistakes . Conceptually, his teachings are great and we are currently preparing hard for my board exams. “ Reviewed on 10 Dec, 2020

Rohin Aditya

“Sir explains everything so clearly and he gives a lot of shortcuts and he even gives a lot of homework for practice and will even will even explain the same concept many times .Very good . Thank you sir. “ Reviewed on 10 Dec, 2020

Aadvik Mazumdar

“My experience with Ranjit sir is fabulous. He is one of the best tuition teachers I know. He is so supportive and he clears your doubts brilliantly. “ Reviewed on 09 Dec, 2020


“I cannot thank Sir enough for helping her preparation for the 10th grade. He has immense patience and that puts one at ease. Thank you again and I hope you are able to reach many more students in need for guidance. “ Reviewed on 07 Dec, 2020


“Thank you very much Ranjith. Your teaching concepts has induced lot of confidence in Navya. She has improved a lot and done very well in her 10th exams. We would look forward to teach her once again for her 12th. ” Reviewed on 07 Dec, 2020