Shanthi Vedula

“I wholeheartedly recommend Ranjit’s tuition for many reasons. For my son who is into active cricket practice playing league matches and missing school for several days in a month, Ranjit went out of his way to clear the concepts many times being available for him until very late into the night. I’m really thankful about that. He’s a great motivator teacher who doubled as a great friend who my son could trust and that surely helped my son to confide and gain confidence to rise against the tide to finally achieve what he set out for. I am extremely glad he’d scored very good in the boards. Most importantly, the learning curve had been very good for him. The zeal to succeed and not to give up had returned to him and I’m sure the lessons learnt under the guidance of Ranjit will help him in his life ahead. Thanks to Ranjit for being that wonderful motivator teacher. We couldn’t have asked for more. ”¬†¬†

 Reviewed on 09 May, 2019

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