How to Choose the Best Teacher for your Child in 2021[Step by Step Guide]

Choosing the right teacher for your ward is a difficult and time taking task. Generally, not much research is done to finalize the tutor who can teach your ward. Nowadays students are more opinionated than earlier days thanks to the information age where you search for one information you are getting n number of information.

Here we give some important details about the activities of the teacher which can help you decide whether it is suitable for your child or not?

This information is compiled by studying the teacher’s method and their retention of students and bring out the best in each one of them.

How to Choose the Best Teacher for your Child in 9 Easy Steps

Respect the Student

Gone are the times when students were being scolded by teachers. Now there is no rule or any action we have seen where teachers are scolding students for not finishing their homework. The best teacher is one who respects every student and doesn’t compare with any student. 

Every student comes with some baggage that needs to be emptied so that new information can be put together. State or performance is the measuring criteria for each student so it differs case to case basis. 

The goal of the Teacher is not one, it’s multiple goals that he sets for himself. 

How can he add value to his student’s life who have come to him with some problems? The first and more most important step is to develop the connection with students else it will be one-way and one-way information doesn’t last long. When the channel is opened where all the student freely asks the questions with being judged then the actual flow of information is realized. This state when it comes depends upon the teacher to teacher. More experienced teachers more connection-oriented he or she is. It is not about how quickly you solve the problem that is already known by your designation, the important part is about bringing the best in each student. 


Experience talks more than words. However, you boost your information but the few sentences you utter can speak your experience more than anything else. You can check all the details about the experience on valid sites or the word of mouth publicity. A more experienced person can be socially recognizable.

So it can be figured out the details from linked in or Facebook or Instagram.

Assessment of students

This is another area in which a good teacher can assess your child in a fairway. It is so important to make it a completely black and white picture. What information is clear and what is not. If this information can be shared with the parents it will be so easy to help them focus in those areas and it can be planned well to complete only those sections and put full effort into those dedicated areas for their wards.

Effective use of books for teaching

Another important tool which Teacher uses is the books which they follow to make their students understand. They should always share the books which are required for them to follow. When both are following the same books it becomes easy for everyone. A not only student learns but also makes sure that the Teacher also has it fair part of understanding. There is no end to information and the questions to be asked. The relevant questions are getting answered by mentors is extremely important. Few times when mentor doesn’t know the answer they divert the attention to other topics or let them confuse. It shouldn’t be the case, if they don’t know the answers it’s always fine to figure out the answer later and share it with them.

Feedback Sharing

Some teachers hesitate to share the feedback. But it is crucial to share the exact picture of the situation with highlighted points. Fair assessment information sharing is a must for all teachers. They must ensure that information is not in an exaggerated way. Complete sharing of information in terms of the understanding of the student is a must.

There is always a certain section in which a child is extremely good at and few sections in which he is not. Those areas if teacher highlights it will be so easy for parents to focus on and they can plan better.

Teaching Self Learning

Few students require spoon-feeding and few are smart to pick it up. There is nothing wrong with it. The learning graph varies from person to person. Here the role of the teacher plays a significant part.

The goal of the teacher is to help every student to become independent and think in terms of providing the solution. If this is clear then there can be n number of methods to implement to make them self-sufficient. Initially, it will be difficult as they will be playing with mind games but slowly it can be cultivated.

There is a huge difference in the quality of questions that students ask can let the mentors know how much is being understood by them. So good teacher encourages them to understand in their way by guiding them at each step and letting them figure out the solution in their way.

Motivational Support

What’s the point when you continuously do the same teaching monotonous way. It will be boring. Let the rewards always be attached with the results for them. Any game becomes interesting when the rewards are attached at the end, same way when rewards are attached for every action and results they produce the game is interesting and participation is 100%. To increase the performance they are the best judges they know exactly what needs attention and which can be focused more to figure out.

Building Overall Experience

Here mostly parents are looking not only to excel in the specific areas but also overall growth development. The best teacher also ensures to work on character development. When the student becomes an honest person and brings out all the important areas where he/she needs improvement, then only the real development takes place. It all starts in the first place when they connect and discuss and develop the channel for open communication.

Making Positive Difference

There can be multiple scenarios where after a certain time we expect a certain difference coming in student. There can be 3 results 1. It created positive results. 2. It created -ve results and 3. It remained the same.

Out of above mentioned 3 cases, one is going to happen. Depending upon the feedback mechanism it should be discussed with the Teacher about the impact of his or her knowledge sharing. For the first case, it is excellent. But 2nd and 3rd cases it’s better to search for the next teacher who can help create a positive difference.

As a parent please provide the details

Be honest and truthful in sharing the assessment details of your child  and set right expectation for them about child’s needs and growth.

Insist on a demo class, not just a conversation if you are interacting for the first time. If you already know the feedback from your known friends and relatives its not required.

 Look for a teacher who will provide clear distinct written goals.

Above all, trust your instincts.

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