How To Conduct Online Tuition In 2021 From Basics [Step By Step Process]

Do you want to know how to conduct online tuition in 2021? 

Here I will tell you the details of doing an online teaching job effectively

and prosper wisely. 

Starting online teaching is not a difficult job at all, but you require proper guidance so that you can run effectively.

Here are some easy steps to start your profitable online tuition without making a mistake and some bonus tips which help you to scale your new heights. 

Let’s get started, 

1.Setup For Online Teaching Jobs from home

The place where you sit must be clean and look professional. Your study table must be neat and cleaned. The textbooks which you will be having must be opened and writing pads must be ready.

You should have your mobile phone also handy for taking pics of the workings which you will be doing on paper. Be well-groomed.

On your study table following things must be there 

1.Your laptop
2. Your books and notebooks
3. Pen pencil for writing
4. Water bottle
5. Charger for both laptop and mobile
6. Your geometry box
7.Proper lightings
8.Headphones if you are not using system microphones.
9.No eatables like chips, chocolates or any other snack items.
10.Your location must be peaceful.
11.Back up internet plan if the wifi goes down.

2.Use Of Laptop

A good laptop with a decent configuration should be viable for solving your problem. You need    to have at least a core i3 configuration with 4GB of RAM and If you are in 10th grade or below grade then the following configuration is recommended:

Intel core 10th Gen I3


HardDisk/SSD 512GB

Operating System Windows 10

Application Microsoft Office

The above configuration is excellent to run all your zoom meetings and multiple applications like a paintbrush, Microsoft Team, and other office applications. For example, you can have look at the following laptops:

For all the students above 10th-grade decent configuration will look like this:

Intel core 10th Gen I5


HardDisk/SSD 512GB

Operating System Windows 10

Application Microsoft Office

Integrated Graphics

Students of 11th and 12th grade are required to browse and learn from different sites and learn more information from youtube learning sites. So they need to use many applications. If they can go for the above as minimum configuration their work will not be hampered. I use the above laptops from Asus and it is quite fast and portable for every day to multitasking. All the classes can be taken easily.

Many times I have observed student telling me that their laptop is crashed they will be joining through mobile phone. And if three to four applications they open their system hangs and they might want to restart the system. So it disturbs the rhythm and disrupts the connectivity.

3.Grooming and Dress Code

You must wear something presentable like smart casuals. Whenever you need to switch on the video to show your understanding of any concept it should look decent and it should not embarrass other people with your code of conduct.

A Smart T-shirt with jeans is good smart casuals. Many times you need not switch on the camera but once the session starts there can be chances that the concept needs to be shown by hand so you need to switch on the camera. Here dress code must be presentable.

Formal clothes may not be required. You must ensure that you are more presentable.  

4. Topics To Be Covered

Tutors and students must be known beforehand which topic or concepts they are going to study. If by any chance Tutor is not sure which topics he/she has to cover then there will be a time delay and it’s not productive for both students as well as Teachers.

A student must finish their homework which was given before the class. Tutors are required to clarify the doubts of every student who attends the online classes.

They must go the extra mile to help students. Teachers must have researched enough about the topics which they are going to teach. They should have known every concept regarding the topics.

There is a lot of information available online which you can suggest to your students. Example. When the teacher is teaching the Integration chapter, he or she has to make sure that every student has done problem based on their understanding.

When students send their workings either by WhatsApp or screen sharing you may need to do the correction right then and there only.

Eg. Student end their doubt like this

student’s doubt sccreenshot

Tutor explaination

You can modify the workings and share them so that they will be easily remembered.

5.Make More Interactive

There should not be one-way communication when online tuition sessions going on. It just becomes boring and students might feel to leave the meeting without asking doubts and getting their doubts clarified.

Here when you have the number of students <= 4 or <=5 then you have live interaction with everyone. When you have mass students in live streaming then doubt clearance might not be a good idea as you need to finish the topics in stipulated time.

And you can entertain only selective doubts.

6.Maximum of 4 Students Per Session

It just doesn’t matter how many students are effectively attending the class. Even if you have one student and you are willing to spend time productively and helping him/her to realize the concept so well your reach will be beyond your limits.

Generally, it is better to have the number of students <=4 for a class to be quite effective and with useful results.

As your experience keeps growing you may include more students. It is better to have a fewer number of people in the online session when your goal is to have a more interactive approach to make the concepts known and at the same time clear all the students doubts.

7.Use of Software Application

You must be using applications like google meet, zoom, or Skype for online classes.

It is better to make it a reoccurring link so that everyone can save it in their bookmarks and needs not to be changed always.

Example :

How to Create a Reoccurring link:

Go to

a. Select the date and time.

b. Change to weekday

c. Click on Add Google Meet video conferencing. And you will get like this:

d. Add title also and click on the Save button.

e. Now it will be seen in the timing place. This event Is added.

f. Click on the event you will get

The above link needs to be used all the time. It doesn’t mean it will work only in that time slot. It will work every time.

Hence no need to create different links all the time. This can be made a bookmark in the chrome browser and you can open it from there all the time.

  1. Paste the link on the URL of chrome browser.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right side.
  3. Click on the bookmark this tab.

8.Answering Of Doubts

There are two ways students can ask doubts. One they can write doubts in the public forum or they ask directly using their microphone, Secondly, they ask directly using private chat messages also. The teacher has to look in both places so that he can answer appropriately.

There may be chances you may need to share your screen and show the answer to the students.

Sometimes students are on a different page and you are on a different page for understanding. So you may need to send the screenshots to students to focus on which specific lines or figures you want them to concentrate on. Eg. Below shown the message in the google hangout private message for discussion about the chemistry topic for class XII CBSE.

9.Conducting Online Tests

This is very important for all the students to write online tests to test the understanding. This can be done so well and effectively online. These tests are always time-bound. You may need to select the number of questions that students have to do. When they are ready to write you can start the timer using the online timer. And you can continue teaching other students till the online tests are over.

eg. Suppose one of the student is given the following questions to write test in the notebook

Once he is ready. Then you can start the timer in a new tab using any chrome browser like this.

And press the enter key. It will start the timer

When the timer times out, it will produce a beep sound so you will come to know that time is over and he/she needs to stop writing the test and handover their copy of workings in the screenshots or they can make a pdf and send it to you.

10. Results Sharing

This is the most important part of online tests. You can share the results right there. As it will let students assess their performance. You can correct the paper by yourself first and then later when they are self-motivated they can correct the paper by themselves. You can just tell them the answers.

The above example when a student shared his working on hangout chat message.

11. Be Punctual and Respect Others Time

If you are professional in teaching students it is not possible to come late for the meetings. Nowadays students are more punctual in learning from their mentor. They generally login 5 mins before the scheduled time.

Always go with mobile or laptops time there may be chances your wristwatch or clock time is losing time. One thing is sure if you are a teacher you can’t afford to start late.

It builds a lot of credibility’s and it doubles your credibility. There can be few students who log in a little late because of internet issues. Still, the frequency of students joining late is very few. It labels you as professional and never ignores google reminders. All the time pop-in will arise for which meeting is scheduled.

12. Upload All ScreenShots

This is quite important as the records of the notes and classes must be there on the site. The workings and corrections screenshot shared must be there in google hangouts. Whatever you send over hangout messenger it retains and it will not get deleted. So you will save time when you need to forward the same thing to another student.

If you are using Skype then it will be retained for a maximum of 30 days. Thereafter it will be deleted.

13. Give Full Undivided Time For Each Student.

When you plan to work on the personalized plan it creates exceptional results in each student. Always measure the performance based on their tests which they write and compare with their previous records. The graph must go up.

A teacher must be well versed with subjects that doubt clearance session should not be large and it must provide the solution to every question which they ask. 

By any chance, if you are not able to solve in the session, care must be taken that after the class those questions must be answered and share with students using WhatsApp.

This way it builds a lot of credibility’s and justifies your stand as professional 

You must be available all the time for your students. You should be open enough such that any time they ask the doubt as a friend. When you encourage the doubt asking for each student they start thinking in their perspective and their retention also will be long term. Never leave any questions unattended. As when you don’t answer those questions, next time when the session is going on students see you as questions that were not answered. And their feeling may be that you expect me to ask questions but you haven’t answered my last question yet.

14. No Disturbance In Room

Where ever you are sitting in one room ensure there is no disturbance as it will affect students concentration in the class. If by some means your place is a little noisy, you can choose to mute for some time.

Whenever you need to ask questions that time you can enable your mike. When the speaker is sharing some information, every other participant has to ensure that there should not be any disturbance from their side. By any chance, if some situation happens students can mute their side and can be kept in receiving mode.

15. Correcting Answers Online

This is extremely important and this has to be done continuously. Whenever students attempt any paper. Always make sure they send their answer sheet in the pdf format rather than only jpegs using WhatsApp.

If they send using images correction will be difficult on that.

Example :

When you open the image in a paint brush it will be difficult to correct it there.

The correction will be easy when you can edit in adobe acrobat reader.

Open pdf document which needs to be done correctly and click on the tab as shown below :

Select this and you can start the correction easily

Later you can save the file and send it to the students.

16. Suggesting The Homework Which are to be Done.

This also plays a key role in engaging the students in between the classes. There should be always a call to action for the students whenever your concept clearing session is done.

Either you can provide the links for the worksheets to be solved. Example :


if some papers are getting solved in the session may be remaining portions can be taken as homework. And students can finish as part of homework and later.

For example, if paper solving goes like this

If you have solved 20 questions. You can ask students to finish 21 to 36 as part of homework.

17. Finishing Class Gracefully.

Always end the class gracefully. There should not be a sudden switch-off session. Always ensure the concept which was taken and explained let it go to the completion and then the next session for other students can start. This will lead to good feedback about you and you overdeliver rather than underdeliver. Your main goal is to ensure that every student gains enough knowledge through you and it brings a good reputation among students.

You don’t shut down the windows by switching off the power button rather you close all the applications and then you shut down the system. A similar way ensures all the doubts are clarified and then session closing can happen.

In case the situation arises when you are not able to clear the doubt, end with a note saying that you will provide the solution offline. And always keep your promise. This adds to the accountability and your reach will be enormous.

18.Backup Of Internet is Must in Online Tutoring

Since it’s a digital mode of communication, it is not always to rely on 1 type of internet connection. You must be having one wifi connection. Maybe having one of the broadband connections like Airtel, spectra net, ACT or TataSky, Tikona, etc. All the listed internet connections have downtime.

Not consistently but when you start relying heavily on the connection then it matters a lot.

Downtime can have multiple reasons :

a. Internet connection fails from ISP.
b. Power failure.


So whenever the internet connection fails from the ISP side you should have back up from the data connection. Quickly connect the backup mobile hotspot using a different SSID.

Steps to connect mobile hotspot through laptop:

Follow the steps to enable a personal hotspot on iPhone

1.Open your mobile notification panel switch off your wifi connection.

It is now disabled from Wifi it will look like this :

a. Go to Setting and enable the personal hotspot

b. Enable the personal hotspot.

c. Enable others to join.

d. From your laptop click on wifi and connect to your mobile wifi SSID

e. When broadband connection resumes it can be switched to your wifi broadband connection.

19.Never Eat During  Online Tutoring

Guys this is again something useful to look forward to when the online class is being conducted please avoid eating snacks or meals during the online session.

Most snacks create a loud crunch or a smack (potato chips, banana chips, etc) and undoubtedly are in some sort of noise-making package. Eating in the class is distracting from the main topics.

However, you try to eat with a silencer fitted in your mouth it makes its noise when you speak after eating. And it is very much noticeable to everyone that you have gulped your eatables. 

If you are really hungry then you can take a break for 10 mins from the class and have your refreshment and then join the session. This will look appropriate and healthy also.

Water drinking coffee or Tea is allowed as it doesn’t allow you to chew and can be taken sip by sip. This becomes so important that you can speak continuously and can take a break of 1 or 2 secs to sip your coffee and be energized.

It doesn’t look professional and it sounds unprofessional. Since God has given only one mouth to eat as well as speak. Multitasking is not possible using the mouth. Either you can eat or can speak both are mutually exclusive events. It creates noise which many students don’t like. This applies to both Teachers as well as students.

Conclusion and Now What Next?

Congratulation! You Have Read About Online Tuition

What Next?

This is not an end, but I think this is the beginning of your journey, and you have to learn many things like Tips and Tricks when you start online tuition

By reading this blog about online tuition you must have got few ideas to implement. I suggest you be in learning mode all the time as the market Is volatile and you must be updated with the latest trend which catches up in a short time and you should be ready to implement that. 

I hope you like this article, and maybe this helps you to create your new niche and do valuable work. 

I also recommend you to join our Free Home Tuition Requirements Bangalore to stay updated with what other people are having skills and how they are updating their knowledge in the digital world. I am too very active in my group, so if you have any doubts or clarification, I will personally help you and clear you’re every concern.

Every single share counts for us! I appreciate your effort. 

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