Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Apply For Scoring High In Board Examination (May 2021)

CBSE, ICSE, NIOS 10th, 12th Board Exam 2021: Learn 5 Highly Effective Tricks To Apply And Reach Your Goal.

Many of my students have asked me to provide some tips and tricks to prepare well for the board examination. Below are common questions which I keep getting from students appearing for board exams.

What study timetable for class 10 CBSE board to follow? How to prepare for board exams in class 12? What study routine for class 12 science to follow? Will the board exam be easy in 2021? How to score more than 95 percent in class 10? What study timetable for class 10 CBSE board 2021 I should follow? How to complete the class 10 syllabus in 3 months?

If the above-listed questions are there in your mind then you will find useful information that is going to benefit you. I am sharing some of the inputs which some of my students have shared in a couple of years.

Here I am giving you some of the best things which you can do in the coming months to do your best in the examination.

I have observed the pattern among students who score above 95% in exams, and it can be learned by anyone.

Following are the simple shortcuts that you can apply for your preparation for your examination.

If you are writing the board exam in 2021, please read below to understand and imbibe for few months so that your results will be amazing.

1. Embrace the syllabus change:

You know that the syllabus is reduced by the board to a 70% extent. It is difficult to remember what is coming and what is not in the syllabus. Keep visiting the portions which are coming there. Keep the printout of those next to your study table so that you can refer whenever required. It will help in doing more relevant topics thoroughly and not wasting time on some topics which will not be asked in the examination.

Links for reduced syllabus:

Class 12

class 10

icse class 10

icse class 12

NIOS: No reduced syllabus. It’s the same.

2.Prefer Textbooks over Reference books:

This is usually happening on last moment preparation students tend to study more from Reference books and consider that as textbooks which is not the case.

ICSE guys don’t do this mistake, as they already have the textbooks in a detailed way so they need not refer to any other extra books. They are excellent in covering from textbooks.

NIOS guys also don’t need to refer to any other textbooks. Their textbooks are enough.

I suggest always get back to the basics and revise from your NCERT textbooks only. You do refer to the reference books only for certain scenarios that are not present in the textbook.

Never questions are asked beyond your textbooks. So it is better to consider its mandate to stick to your prescribed textbook. Repetition is the key. Do revise and prepare well.

CBSE guys follow this only

CBSE prescribed textbooks

CBSE 12th guys refer this book only

CBSE 12th prescribed books

3.Underline the definitions and important explanations:

When you use the textbook make sure to underline the important definitions and explanations as it will be helpful in revision time.

There is no harm to underline with a pencil or highlighter unless you want to keep the book as it is and want to sell it later. It makes your mind go only to the topics which are important and can be revised in the future.

Underlining the important lines.

The important part here is to highlight the keywords. Your mind can automatically form the story around that keyword area. You need not worry after that. Write formulas all the time even if you remember them.

It is the most common mistake what we speak is different from what we write. So by writing down the formulas you remember well and mapping is complete.

4.Time management and setting the right priorities:

You may need to set the time table in such a way so that you can cover two subjects in a day. I don’t recommend doing only 1 subject in the whole day.

Give some mix of subjects which can be done productively. You can do properly two subjects in the day by giving 4-5 hrs each subject in the whole day. This ensures you should not get bored of studying only 1 subject.

This has to be followed in writing the exams also. Many times now the situation comes students take on the ego to complete the 1 question which by means they are not getting a correct answer at the cost of remaining questions.

So they spent a considerable amount of time just to solve 1 question and they get a shortage of time to finish other questions in the paper. This results in a loss of time and poor time management.

Below given details suggests how to plan your section-wise time allocation and stick to the timelines.


CBSE maths question paper




NIOS maths paper

Suppose in the given mock paper you have secured 73/80 in maths. What you can do is to analyze properly for the 7 marks lost. This is the most crucial time for learning. Do spend a good amount of time-solving the 7 marks questions with proper steps even though you feel it’s only one line answer and you already know how to do it. Wrong-way of thinking and its incomplete revision.

The correct way is to repeat the incorrect questions in the same way as it was supposed to be done in the exam. You can understand the pain of redoing it and the brain registers in such a way that this error is not going to be repeated in the future.

To have revision effective good amount of time has to be spent on the incorrect questions rather than feeling only good about correct answers and ignoring incorrect questions and naming those as silly mistakes.

Repetition is the key here.

5.Give space in your answer sheet:

Whenever you are writing the Answer sheet give some spacing between each question and make sure it is readable. You don’t have to change the way you write just think in terms of highlighting the important points.

Striking the incorrect ones are inevitable yet can be managed properly. Have a look at the papers attended by the best students in few batches of the online class.

Some examples of good answer sheet.

Students maths paper

Always read the question three times to ensure you have understood the problem well. Students are in haste to answer by half reading the question. There is no competition happening. It is just the exam and you need to answer well. You utilize your time well. Half reading the question is as good as attempting incorrectly. Convince your mind to read the question thrice even if you understand the questions well.

Your mentor knows your blind spots. Talk to them on regular basis. Everybody has a blind spot you can always correct those areas which you can see but your mentor can tell you what you can’t see and yet it is important for you to achieve your goal.

When you do the above activities and if you face some topics/questions which are not clear, keep writing it down so that you can check with your mentor and clarify.

If you find the same mistakes happening again and again in subsequent tests please go ahead and talk to your mentor who can guide you in the right direction as it helps you to streamline your strength area and without wasting time you can quickly figure out the solution.

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