Home Tuition in Bangalore Near Me For Online Classes (2021)

How To Get Home Tuition in Bangalore

Many times parents are confused about children’s education in the sense where to find good tutors for their wards. Sometimes they ask on google, then they ask their neighbour’s, etc.

The first answer is google: Now almost any question if we want to find the solution we always check in google. Even if you want to search for the best home tuition in Bangalore you may need to type in the search bar and press enter.

First, two to three links which you will see is the promotion done by the company for listing in the top position when anyone searches for a particular keyword, Like in this case “home tuition in bangalore near me”. You will click on the first link which comes up.

Here you may need to enter the personal details like phone number and which subject requirement you are looking for. They will verify your phone number by sending you OTP. Once you enter the OTP you are treated as an authentic solution seeker.

Once you submit your requirement it will be sent to the few tutors based on your area. Their tutors can contact you by paying the nominal fees.

Afterward it is just normal classes if you are satisfied with the first-class then you can continue.

They have verified all tutors on their site. So you can trust that part.

Most of the time it ends up in finding which doesn’t guarantee the proper expectation.

Here we will give you the best way to search for home tuition in Bangalore. Your search for finding the right answer ends here.

WhatsApp/Telegram Groups

Many of the locality and apartment have separate telegram or WhatsApp groups where Tutors generally post their information about teaching

If any of the residents are looking for some home tutors they can easily post there and known people in the community can reach them. And here also the reach is limited as you have very few options but at the same time, it’s time-saving.

Community to community messages flow also is viral just like any new COVID-19 case.

Every detail from one WhatsApp group keeps floating into multiple groups.

This is an easy and simple way of trust-building than talking to strangers and getting convinced after a certain period.

Some known Websites:


This is the website which provides only for maths tuition.

This is the website which provides only for maths tuition. They have a presence internationally. They have tutors who teach from Grade K-2 to 10th. They have specific tutors categorized into k2, grade 3-5, grade 6-8, and grade 9-10. You can book online class from them.

They provide free demo classes. You can select the packages which they sell like premium standard and essentials. Premium contains 128 classes Standard contains 80 classes and essentials contains 48 classes

Link for enquiry : https://www.cuemath.com/parent/signup/?intent=header-booktrial-cta&custom=header&theme=alternate


They have grown very quickly in recent times. You can see the advertisements.

They have partnered with many tutors to serve students all over India. They have all the solutions for the problem you can ask about home tuition. They will connect you with the tutor. UrbanPro is a good platform for students to find tutors for a particular subject based on their location.

Even tutors also can get registered on their site by paying the nominal fee which they need to renew every quarter.

Link for enquiry :  https://www.urbanpro.com/bangalore/private-tutors


It’s another service provider site. They also have Home/Online & Private Tuition/Tutors In Bangalore Any Subject-Any Syllabus CBSE, ICSE, IB, PUC, NIOS, VTU, IIT, NEET.

Here also you can call them or can register with them by giving your home tuition requirement. If they have tutors in those areas registered with them they will contact you.

Link for inquiry: https://www.zclasses.co/


This is also the global website where you can give your home tuition requirement based on your need example maths, physics, biology, chemistry, or computer science.


Mainly if you are a tutor and are registered on this site you will get requirements from outside countries. And you can still hire US tutors for studying subjects which you feel it can be best taught by them.

Link for inquiry: https://www.teacheron.com/


It’s also an online platform where they have a large number of teachers online and offline. They do provide the courses for higher secondary classes.

They have many video tutorials on youtube that are free. They do offer some paid plans where they can provide you with materials to go through. Vedantu offers live classes every day on different topics you can attend those free sessions to get the feel of the online class.

Link for inquiry: https://www.vedantu.com/

YouTube videos:

There is n number of videos available for the topic you can ask for.

Thanks to the free content uploading, it has created a massive repository for billions of people. Thanks to many content creators who have gone the extra miles to create videos on every topic you can ask for. All the videos are free to access. For example, if you want to study physics very popular video series which goes is physicswallah channel, chemistry made easy, and many more. Since those are easily available it is easy to miss out also and you need proper motivation to watch these videos. They can be accessible to everyone. The only problem that arises is how to

clear your doubts in case if it arises. So mostly it becomes a way method to pass the information. It’s good to revise and learn your topics easily and in time of your comfort zone. example

Link for physics:


Link for chemistry:


Facebook groups:

There are many Facebook groups like Bangalore Schools, Home tuition requirements Bangalore, CBSE Class  10th /12th , ICSE, STATE BOARD STUDENTS. Some are public and few are private. Here also credibility will be the issue as you need to do proper homework before going ahead with any students or tutors. You need to verify the authenticity of the teacher and student then you can proceed further. Most of the time word of mouth works well as it builds the trust and good credibility of the teacher with students. Parents trust more in other parent’s feedback than experimenting on the number of times. It’s easy-going when you can build trust in your online presence or offline presence.

Links for Facebook groups:




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